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5 Ways To Reflect Your Brand In Your Business

Next up in our guest blog series is branding expert, Aarti Parmar, who shares her insights into the world of branding. Throughout the month of June on #HertsHour, we will be discussing this topic, how it is important for your business to get this right and sharing our tips with you. Before we get going on the live conversation here are some points for consideration from Aarti: 5 Ways to Reflect your Brand in your Business below. 

1. Know what your brand stands for...

...and by default then you (and your employees, associates, consultants) will know what your business stands for. Not what you sell or the services you offer, but what is the heart of your business. It is absolutely crucial to define who you are as a brand first before you create your brand identity and website e.g. logo, colour pallet, fonts, and images. By knowing your brand foundation, your brand attributes, why you do what you do, your brand purpose, your vision, core values, tone of voice, your brand personality, and your relevant target audience will determine how you communicate your brand and to whom. This action then results in creating a clear brand message and perception both on and offline, giving clarity of focus from the start that your clients can not only see, but feel from your messaging. You create what you what others to see your business as: the desired brand perception.

2. Live your brand

Walk, talk and breathe your true brand essence and ethos. Be it on social media, your website, at networking events, through email marketing and in all other communications. This level of focus will not only help you to stand out from your competitors but will also help unite your clients, your employees, associates, and consultants to live your brand and create a starting point for your culture. Don’t just say it, be it.

3. Create content that reflect your values and purpose

Beliefs and impressions about a brand are formed from the perception it creates through visuals, words, and how that is communicated through various platforms and your people! Creating genuine compelling stories through your values, purpose, journey, and benefits will allow consumers to connect and engage emotionally, resulting in it being a more memorable and authentic brand. This will help shout out the added value you can deliver to your clients and show your clarity of thought in your marketing decisions.

4. Consistency 

Be consistent on all platforms through your visual representation and messaging with your logo, font styles, colour palette, imagery, design style, elements and key messages. Consistency creates recognition, trust, loyalty and credibility. Be bold to reflect your personality.

5. Use professional expertise 

There is nothing worse than a business saying professionalism and quality is important to them and then they use a brand identity that reflects nothing of this statement. By using unprofessional headshots/imagery or writing their own content that waffles on and isn’t clear or concise; that has an inconsistent tone of voice, and has no consideration for the reader's journey, isn’t at all compelling and loses any brand essence you may have thought you had created with your logo!! What impression are you really creating when you take shortcuts?? Investing in professional expertise, be it a brand consultant, graphic designer, photographer, copywriter, digital marketing or social media is an investment in your brand and a reflection of who you are as brand and what people can expect from you. It can be more costly in the long run if this isn’t taken into consideration.


For more information and how to contact Aarti, have a look at her #HertsHour network listing or you can follow her on Twitter and Linkedin.

We'll see you on Monday for the live conversation visit #HertsHour on Twitter.

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