Google Plus as a social media platform is not that popular in the UK, but HertsHour are on Google Plus and we advocate its benefits highly. You can view our profile here.

You’re probably thinking, but no one uses Google Plus, so why should I? Yes, Google Plus’s reach in terms of engaging with an audience through the platform is not that great, especially when comparing it to Facebook or Twitter.

But, we’re going to give you 3 key reasons why you shouldn’t skip out on Google Plus!

Google + is great for SEO and search traffic volume.

Being on the biggest search engine on the web can only help to boost your business on their search rankings. If you have a Google Plus page for your business and keep it active when potential customers search for your business name, your website and your Google Plus page will show higher up in the results. Which is great, if people can’t find you, they may go to someone else. In other words, Google Plus is a great way to get free SEO.

Test: Try Googling your business and see if you’re in the top search results.

Our results:

Google has great applications

Google comes with a whole host of other great features, such as Google Maps, Images, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and YouTube - the 2nd most popular search engine. Having a Google Plus account makes your business easier to find. as Google Maps is incorporated into searches, images on your Google Plus account show up higher in Google Images.

Google Plus has some great features.

Google Plus itself offers you some great features, that you will wish Facebook and Twitter offered. For instance, Circles and Communities, where you can organise different accounts and then post content specifically to a Circle or a Community. Google Plus also has their Collections feature, which is similar to Pinterest, as you can collect and organise posts according to themes. 

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