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Hashtags, what are they? How do you use them? Should you use them?

So, today we thought we would write about this wonderful social media term called Hashtags or #

They were created by Twitter following inspiration from Flickr tags to get topics ‘trending’. Getting specific words or short phrases, events or subjects popular online, allowing people to search all that is being said and done about a particular hashtag and due to this early success you can use hashtags on search engines or within any social media platform.

How do you use them? Well you put a ‘#’ in front of a word or if longer than one word you simply join the words up. For example, #sandwich or #HamandCheeseSandwich

Should you use them? Absolutely yes! Adding # to your social media posts can increase the popularity of your post by grouping it with other similar topics. Meaning people searching for that particular topic, are more likely to find your post. It allows you to dip into conversations that are already happening online and get involved. The potential for finding new customers using a hashtag relevant to your business could be endless.

For instance, ‘Today is national #petday and I am a #doglover’ will have greater exposure, than if you use those terms without the hashtag. Hashtags give you an advantage to put your posts into groups on a global scale.  If you’re posting about pets and dogs in Hertfordshire you can connect with people also talking about that around the UK, Europe and the world!

Even better! When you use popular or trending hashtags you can connect with live posts. This is why it’s good to take part in #HertsHour on a Monday evening and engage in live conversations to build connections locally. 

Not sure how to join in #HertsHour? Have a read of our hints and tips to get you going: http://hertshour.co.uk/blog/blog.php?controller=pjLoad&action=pjActionView&id=6

Now, we have to put a disclaimer out here. Hashtags are only as good as you are. The more active you are and good at making connections the better they will work for you.

We hope this, quick insight into the power of hashtags was useful, let us know in the coments box below on any other tips you can share with us. We are always looking to learn more.

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