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While taking part in #HertsHour this week, it occurred to me how many great collaborations are coming out of conversations begun on a Monday at 8pm.

If you've started a conversation with someone, keep it going!

Follow up the tweets through the week. Maybe - shocking suggestion - arrange to meet to see what your businesses have in common.

I've met so many people through Twitter. Our paths would probably never have crossed otherwise. Indeed, a couple of my business contacts have begun as tweets.

One of the original intentions of #HertsHour was to encourage conversations that extend beyond the single hour.

Don't forget to look on our Twitter Lists if you're looking to make contact with someone specific in Hertfordshire. Although we're followed by lots of people outside the county, our Lists are only for businesses here.

So, who have you met on #HertsHour and then met in person? Or done business with? Let us know - it's great to hear your stories.