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With hundreds of apps out there to help small business owners, you have to find the ones that suit you and the way you work. Some are more useful if you have a team to manage and others if it’s just you. Whatever you do, it’s important to try them out and then delete them if they’re not right.

Some of my apps were free and some have a small price tag attached. Sometimes, £2.99 will save you hours of searching, so it’s a no-brainer. 

  1. Top of my list is Dropbox: get the free version and then add it to all the devices you use, which ramps up your storage limit. Share folders with others – it’s especially good when someone wants to send you a load of photos or a large PowerPoint file. It also means much better version control. I use Dropbox as an extension of my PC’s memory and I can access it anywhere with WiFi.
  2. Toodledo: The best way I’ve found of managing my To Do list. I can prioritise items, track my goals and set reminders. No more missed deadlines!
  3. LinkedIn: The app is actually better than the main site, although it does have some functions which are unavailable, so I use both regularly. Stay in touch with colleagues and competitors and make sure you keep your profile, status and posts up to date.
  4. Google Maps: another genius app I couldn’t do without. So much better than the other mapping tools out there. Just be careful not to drive all the way from London to Exeter with it on – a client of mine used her month’s data allowance with one business trip.
  5. Whatsapp: better than text messaging, especially if you’re a bit of a WiFi junkie like me. It’s especially good if you want to regularly message groups of colleagues or friends.

The obvious additions are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and BlogPress. Oh, and banking apps that allow me to pay bills or – most importantly – check when clients have paid invoices while I’m out and about.

If you try any of these, let me know how you get on. They won’t work for everyone but they definitely make my life easier.