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The most northerly town in Hertfordshire, Royston is probably most famous for having its very own cave.

Royston's proximity to Baldock (of which more, in due course) has given rise to all sorts of legends concerning the Knights Templar. However, what is undeniable is the unusual nature of the cave, with medieval carvings on the walls.

With a huge history, Royston is nevertheless a bustling town of around 15,000 inhabitants and Business Improvement District.

The BID aims to make Royston a better place to live and promote the town. One of their projects has been to decorate the windows of empty shops, although that number is reducing - perhaps there's a connection!

Like many of the towns in Hertfordshire, there's a real cafe culture in the town centre and it's a good place to just sit and see who passes by.

Just launched is the programme for Royston Arts Festival - 18 - 27 September. A great opportunity to enjoy some culture and see more of what's on offer in the north of our county.