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A couple of years ago we wrote a post which talks about our top 5 business apps and boy have these changed! Google Plus is no more, and now everyone is promoting their business on TikTok? The digital social landscape evolves quickly and in the spirit of that, here are our top 5 business apps for 2021 that we know will help support business growth. 

  1. Hubspot. (Yes, kind of a no brainer here) but we really couldn’t be without the lead generation capabilities and analytics of Hubspot. Hubspot solutions guide our strategy and assist us in our business growth. 

  2. Vidyard (again, obviously…) but who wants to spend all day sending long emails? We like to get the point across quickly with a personal touch. Plus the integration with Hubspot makes our lives really easy and the analytics help us know how to better reach our audience. 

  3. Zoom. In today’s world who could be without video conferencing software. Zoom is easily in our top trinity of apps. 

  4. Trello. For company-wide organisation. In a remote working environment, Trello helps us keep up to date with everyone’s to-do lists (or Ta-da lists!).

  5. WhatsApp. Connectivity is key. We are contactable by a simple message for internal and external communications.  

What is one of your top business apps to use?  Let us know in the comments.