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HertsHour decided that Buntingford was the destination for this week’s town focus.

It had all the essence of a small quaint village, bursting with so much character. The high street was filled with specialist and unique boutiques. With only a few chain stores in sight.

Whilst strolling along the high street we spotted Delissimo café and decided to pop in for a coffee. They had a delightful array of mouth-watering snacks on offer. We decided to drink our coffee outside, so we could people watch! The people in Buntingford are noticeably friendly and the high street has a very calm relaxed atmosphere.

Buntingford is filled with features from the medieval and Georgian era. Being history buds here at HertsHour, this was really fascinating for us. we could definitely see Buntingford as the location for a wonderful period drama.

Even though Buntingford is the smallest county town, it is home to many bursting businesses. So, we would definitely recommend a visit, but hurry – a little birdy told me that Buntingford is going through massive changes, as a lot of developments are planned. 

If you need another reason to give Buntingford a visit, what about their amazing carnival, held every other year?

Have a conversation with a few of our #HertsHour businesses in Buntingford:

  • @musclewarrior The Muscle Help Foundation and also our charity partner! Please check out their website for more info about all the awesome work they do: www.musclehelp.com
  • @champersgemeaux Our #HertsHour business directory listing who supply exquisite unique champagne by the bottle or in larger quantities. 

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