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For our Town Focus this week HertsHour headed over to the vibrant town of Stevenage. It was a lovely hot summers day; 32 degrees to be exact! Due to the sunshine, the town centre was bustling and a lot of people were out enjoying the day.

Like with most big towns in Hertfordshire, Stevenage is split into a new town and an old town. Demands from London and commuters needing affordable housing led to newer developments, known as the ‘new town’. We explored the ‘new town’, home to the Gordon Craig theatre (@GCTStevenage) offering the annual panto and also attracts some celebrities each year to draw in the crowds!

Stevenage is a colourful town filled with a variety of people, rushing about, laughing and chitchatting. Stevenage is a one-stop town. This is what makes Stevenage great for business, there is a home for every type of business and plenty of consumers to cater for.

So, what’s intriguing about Stevenage, you ask? Well, Stevenage is no stranger to the ‘lights, camera and action’. Yep, Stevenage has been the location for three films: Boston Kickout released in 1996; Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush released in 1968 and Serious Charge released in 1959. Also, Stevenage is the hometown of Formula 1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton!

Get out and visit Stevenage some time. Also, leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts on Stevenage!

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