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At #HertsHour, we love Twitter and we often get questions from people who have signed up to an account but don't really know how to get involved. Many of the etiquette tips below apply equally to every day on twitter, but especially on Mondays between 8 and 9pm.

1. Use your twitter biog to tell people about your business and why they should use you. it helps when people first see something you've said.

2. Think about having a professional photo taken (check out our list of photographers). It's not vital, but we like to see the whites of your eyes.

3. Introduce yourself to people, especially if they follow you. But ...

4. Don't set up an automatic Direct Message whenever someone follows you. It's very annoying and people will often unfollow as a result.

5. Say something interesting - don't use twitter handles and hashtags without having something to add to the conversation.

6. If you wouldn't say it to your Granny, or your boss, don't write it on Twitter.

7. Be positive whenever you can.

8. Avoid abbreviations. 140 characters is plenty and constantly saying 'u' or using numbers is just annoying.

9. Thank people for RTs, rather than asking for them.

10. Play nicely. The more you contribute and help others, the more you'll get out of Twitter. And that is DEFINITELY true of #HertsHour.

See you on Monday evening!