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Twitter lists - why bother?

You may have noticed that you've been added to one or more Lists over on our #HertsHour Twitter account. We're in the process of adding everyone - it's a long job.

But why do Lists matter?

We know that businesses in Hertfordshire make, buy and sell outside the county, too. We also know that many organisations and individuals from further afield are looking for contacts in Hertfordshire and now it's easier for us all to find each other.

Subscribing to #HertsHour Lists gives you easy access to a range of suppliers and contacts. The timeline for each list is really helpful to focus in on what your contacts or competitors are posting.

And you shouldn't stop there - create your own Lists. You can quickly who you should engage with in one place, without scrolling through your whole Twitter feed.

Give it a try. Subscribe to a few of the #HertsHour Lists you find useful. Then create one of your own. Sometimes, the best List is the members of a community you belong to in real life. It allows you to quickly and easily see what they're saying and join in the conversation.

Have you subscribed yet? Have you been using Lists for years? Let us know if you find them useful.