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Taking a moment to reply to a comment on one of your posts or an article or a blog post that someone else has written takes time, so why should you bother writing a response?

Did you know that any interaction on a digital platform boosts your favour with the algorithms? What is an algorithm I hear you say? Algorithms are simply a series of instructions that are followed, step by step, to do something useful or solve a problem and for the purpose of this article just think of it as a piece of code to help your message been seen by more people. If you can get someone to comment on your article as soon as you have posted it, or within the first 15 minutes, your content is more likely to be promoted to other users, boosting your digital presence.  If your content or messages are seen by more people, then awareness around you, and your products or services increases, which in turn can help your business grow.


So why else should you take a moment to comment?

  • Build a Community.
    • Responding to people who take the time to leave comments on your content helps strengthen relationships. By utilising good customer service and acknowledging the people around you, you can help turn those people from leads into advocates for your business. This is what underpins the Hubspot flywheel marketing model.
  • Creating engaging conversations
    • This is part of the reason #HertsHour is so fun! Sometimes content alone can go unnoticed. By creating engaging conversations, we can attract people to the content. This builds business relationships that help us grow our businesses. 
  • Get your personality across 
    • Personality is KEY. People buy from people. People want to get to know you and part of that is getting to know your opinions. So share them!

So, let’s get commenting to help support each other’s businesses growth. What benefits have you seen by taking the time to comment?