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HubSpot welcomes SM2Communicate to EMEA Partner Advisory Council 2022

Ed Barrett, HubSpot VP, EMEA Sales said of Dawn-Louise and SM2Communicate joining the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council (PAC). "We're truly impressed with your commitment and engagement with the partner program, along with the variety of ideas you shared in your application. We're looking forward to working with you as part of this council. We're looking forward to working closely with you to make our program better for all partners."

Back in August 2020 in the midst of a pandemic, we made the strategic decision to partner with HubSpot as one of their UK Solution Partners. HubSpot is a market leading brand that has a marketing suite of tools and techniques to help our clients build meaningful, lasting relationships with their prospects and customers through valuable content and experiences.

As an official UK Solutions Partner, it brings us great joy to be a part of something so dynamic and progressive in terms of digital marketing, and in the last 18 months alone we have seen our clients and our own business grow.

We use HubSpot to manage our daily customer interactions; our website sits within the CMS, our bespoke email campaigns are aligned to workflows, our SEO uses the latest techniques for organic growth, our social media inbox produces the most amazing reports giving you full ROMI in a matter of clicks, our sales deals are tracked and our Survey results all aligned in one digital home. It makes our lives so much easier and for our clients they have saved time and made productivity efficiencies from using the many elements of HubSpot.

As part of the Solutions Partner Programme, which is an ecosystem of businesses that offer services in marketing, sales, web design, service, ops and CRM implementation to name a few, our work here has not gone unnoticed. Being a diverse place to collaborate for the benefit of clients, sharing expertise and knowledge HubSpot approached partners to become a part of it's Partner Advisory Council (PAC).  A place where virtual meetings every quarter will see us discuss strategic topics that will help shape the future of the partner program. It's also an opportunity for PAC members to provide feedback on product betas, partner tools, and partner engagement. It's an exciting opportunity to help shape this programme and put the needs and requirements of our clients to the front of future developments and enhancements.

Through an applications process, only 15 partners were selected from a competitive set of nominated applicants. Through our tenure as a partner and from our application, we showcased our commitment to working with HubSpot and providing candid feedback in order to drive the value of the programme to help the ultimate growth of all using HubSpot.



HubSpot Introduces the 2022 Partner Advisory Council

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