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Steal Every Opportunity

What does SEO stand for?  

As a business owner you've probably heard this question asked a thousand times. Most people will naturally come back and say Search Engine Optimisation, which of course in digital marketing terms is correct!

But here at sm2communicate, we like to think of it as Steal Every Opportunity!

Most businesses will have a website, but are you stealing every opportunity from each search?

SEO is the cement that helps the bricks of your house stand tall (in this case your website).

Each brick is a different page on your website, and with the right mix of SEO (or cement), your house (or business) can have a solid structure for growth.

You can add your hanging baskets (or keywords) onto your pages and with the right type of flowers planted (or metatags), you can attract the people who are already searching for your services.

So are you helping your business Steal Every Opportunity?