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Using video and on-screen presentations to replace your email and any written messages.



Think about it, if you have to type more than 2 lines of text in an email, then you could probably say it quicker via a short video. You are adding that personal touch where the recipient sees you, so it’s almost like you are talking directly to them. Adding this level of personalisation helps your message be received and the viewer will take action.

People buy from people so why are we still sending each other emails? Yes we know, if you are reading this you are thinking why do we have this text here also when there is a video above? Well that is simple to answer, we have the SEO topics to help boost our search engine rankings as well of course, being accessible to all by including the text.

Let us give you another example, perhaps you have to follow-up with a contract that needs a signature, and you’d like to walk your viewer thought this. Vidyard can help! You can walk them through a document or send a video explainer about something you’d like them to take action on.

There are loads more functions but two of the key features we like, is that you can send your video as a .gif to someone to help it instantly stand out in say a Linkedin feed, and then the platform tells you when the person viewed and how much of the clip they actually watched. Add this then into a business growth tool like Hubspot and the added intelligence this brings into your messaging, and contact relationships and you can see why we are excited to partner with them

Say goodbye to constant emails to people you are trying to get attention from, or endless email trails to explain a point on a document or a drawing.

Easy to use from any device, be that your desktop or on the go from your phone.

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