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The Importance of Emotional Connection in Digital Marketing Delivery

The world of digital marketing is evolving, as brand owners continue to place an increasing emphasis on the importance of emotional connection over business transactions. 

Yet, considering the space between consumer and business, it’s easy to fall into a repeated cycle of sales over connection - focussing on the product or service rather than that of the customer base.

It’s easy to lose sight of customer connection, believing that the sale is the driving force of the business-to-consumer relationship. This is not necessarily the case, and it’s more beneficial to bring your focus to building a community and creating personable connections than that of concluding the transaction.

Recently we came across a piece of content that summed up this vibe really well, an exciting method known as the three “R”s: to be

  • REAL,
  • establish meaningful RAPPORT.



The Three “R”s 

Conceived by Marina Conway-Gordon, founder of and content coach at The Real Life of Brands, and with approval, being used by us here.

The three “R”s is an accessible method of approach to community-building and making connections with your consumer base.

Brand owners, more than ever, need the tools to create great content that is authentic and memorable, and the three “R”s breaks this down really well.

R is for Real 

To be authentic is to be real, and to be real is to be personable - an ideal which is easily met as long as the content creator follows these next steps.

  • Does your content feel human? Does it read like a person and if so, does it read like YOU? 

It’s essential that your writing reads like a human being, as, while we’re living in an increasingly technological world, consumers are less likely to listen to jargon from an ad than that of an individual. Better to respond to human feelings than to try and hit them with a sales pitch.

  • Is it something you would say to a person?

Approach each bit of copy with a sense of conversation and apply that attitude to all your digital marketing efforts. Whether in social media, blog posts, influencer marketing and/or email newsletters it’s better to sound natural than salesman-like.

Not to mention that it’s easier to sell something to someone if there’s a bit of a story behind it.

R is for Revelatory

Don’t panic, revelatory does not mean revealing, simply that you’re willing to disclose aspects of the business which the customer can connect to. I.e. exploring the customer journey and responding to concerns in a natural way.

  • Who are YOU?

By divulging certain elements of your business, you create an atmosphere of openness between you and the customer. This doesn’t have to include what you get up to on a Tuesday night but more the core values of the brand. Whether that be sustainability, customer retention, consumer privacy, it’s all to show that your business is run by humans and not lizard people.

R is for Rapport 

Explore the nature of your consumer or client. Check out their social media profiles and see whether they like Netflix or Nandos, Nike or Netball. Survey the elements of their character and see whether you can relate. And if so...


Connect with your customers or a personal level. Relate to your clients on a human level. See the recipient for who they are and, hopefully, they’ll do the same with you.

  • We repeat, CONVERSATION not ads

Consider highlighting some consumer Case Studies or a video tour around the office; create an online blog and respond to comments and queries regarding your content. Prove that you’re willing to reach out to your consumer base and you’re sure to benefit from the connection too


At the end of the day it’s all about being personable, relatable and well just being human. Since we’re all human, that shouldn't be too difficult! We understand the nervousness around this type of writing, so if you'd like some support here then say hello@sm2communicate.co.uk and let's have a conversation