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Established in 2012, SM2Communicate is a UK-based growth agency, a UK Hubspot Solutions Partner, and a Vidyard Partner, founded by Dawn-Louise Kerr.

SM2Communicate helps guide global leaders & entrepreneurs in the construction, legal, business coaching and education industries to be seen strategically online.

We encourage meaningful dialogue to translate into business growth. We have a team of qualified marketing professionals to help you design your growth strategy and then we can assist you or your teams to deliver against this. Consistently using data intelligence to modify and evolve your digital growth strategy.

We deliver a full range of growth marketing services from helping businesses to design their digital marketing strategy, right the way through to managing and delivering the campaigns for you. This can also include; website refreshes, delivering social media strategies, SEO, PPC, email campaigns, marketing consultants placed within businesses to run marketing teams and much more. Why not reach out and ask us how we can help you?

An influencer over on Twitter with #HertsHour Mondays 12-1pm. Dawn-Louise grew this twitter hour from just shy of 2000 followers back in 2015, to where she now has loyal followers of over 11,000 businesses and professionals. This hour turned into an omni-channel experience between February 2020 (through COVID19) until July 2020, by partnering with a local radio station. The audience reach during this time was to over 30,000 people each week.

Check out our testimonials to see what our clients have to say about us. Or, why not get in touch today with one of our friendly digital marketing experts on +44 1462 811134.



Dr Jason Seibel, DSc

Performance Management Group LLC

I'm so glad I connected with Dawn-Louise Kerr, Founder and CEO of SM2Communicate. Dawn and her team have been invaluable HubSpot and marketing experts who have already had an impact on Performance Management Group, LLC portfolio of clients. Dawn nailed it on a full Hubspot audit, strategy and way forward. Best. Ever.

Nicole Dainton

Executive Coaching Consultancy

Throughout the entire 3 month On-boarding HubSpot period Dawn has been extremely helpful both managing and responding to my teams needs and issues with getting to grips with our new CRM. We are super grateful to Dawn for the amount of work she has put in to ensure my team has had and has access to all the knowledge, and training that we need in order to make the most out of our new system. I would recommend Dawn to any company who is at a pinch point with migrating and using a new CRM and who may be struggling with the transition. Thank you Dawn!

Katie Brazier

Katie Brazier Consulting

I have worked together with Dawn across a number of clients, creating and implement strategic marketing plans. She really has the ability to get under the skin of an organisation, understand what's required and craft solutions that deliver results. As a further and high education visiting lecturer, she's always up to date with the latest thinking and trends but crucially knows how to translate the theory into today's business environment. With an infectious positivity and can do attitude, I can't recommend her highly enough

Tina Fernandez

Orbital Law

Dawn and her team have been working with us on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of our site and introduced us to HubSpot which is an amazing CRM tool. Not only did she introduce us to HubSpot, she also provided easy to understand training. We would never have been able to take advantage of all the HubSpot has to offer, if not for Dawn. Truly an expert at what she does.

Tracey Matthews

MK College

I first worked with Dawn in her first foray into Further Education, she came full of enthusiasm to support young people in their first career step into Digital Marketing. Dawn used her experience and energy to support this group of apprentices and their employers to develop digital marketing skills and achieve their apprenticeship. The experience working with Dawn was so good we remained connected after I moved on. Six years later, I reached out to Dawn to work with her again! She continues to bring that same energy and yet more experience. I really value the passion Dawn has for her profession and how open she is to sharing her wealth of experience with others.

Peter Jones MBCS

Fujitsu UK & Ireland

SM2Communicate simply delivers. Hard-working, very organised, thorough professional with exceptional communication skills. Their consultants have the skills and ability to build relationships at all levels within organisations and provide great leadership whilst always maintaining the human touch.

Natalie Oliver

Ollie & Reed

Dawn-Louise is an energetic and positive individual who goes the extra mile. She is a knowledgeable digital marketer and trainer who delivers service excellence to her clients and apprentices alike. I've worked alongside Dawn-Louise on a number of occasions and I've found her to be a very supportive and committed individual who is willing to lend a hand, give advice and act as a powerful brand ambassador for MK College. She is a positive female role model and the College is lucky to benefit from Dawn’s experience, work ethos and general positivity. Thank you Dawn-Louise, it’s been a pleasure to work with you! I have no hesitation in recommending Dawn-Louise to any potential client or employer..

James Le Duc

Iovate Health Sciences

Besides being a joy to work with, any consultant from SM2Communciate are "take-charge" people who are able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. During our partnership, we saw an increase in sales that exceeded $2.7 million. The new revenue was in part a direct result of the plans implemented by SM2Communicate.

Hilary Waterhouse

Royal Mail Group

Creative with lots of great ideas. A valuable knowledge resource of the latest techniques for encouraging conversations and actions both online and face to face.

Juli Dosad

Juli Dosad Illustrator and Graphic Recorder

It's a big deal to hand over the integrity of your business persona to another organisation for them to take care of…. it takes a lot of trust…. but SM2C don’t make that feel like it is such a big deal, quite the opposite… the way they work with you just instils that trust from the get go… they really listen and it is genuine, they don’t just go diving in and give you something off the shelf, everything is wrapped around you and your business… and they then do everything in the way they promised to and when they promised to… and boom - there’s the trust right there… they make your business as personal to them as it is to you.

Anthony Coyle-Dowling


SM2C are good at outlining the client objectives upfront. They grasp what their clients want to achieve and adapt the strategy very quickly if it's not meeting these objectives. After just 3 months into our contract, the strategy was quickly adapted to be more targeted: based on their increased knowledge of the business. SM2C weren't afraid to throw in new ideas sooner rather than later, because they invest in the relationship. They put in the extra effort that makes each client feel valued and trust is grown.

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