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So, we are back at it again with the Facebook versus Twitter battle. Some people out there fiercely support Facebook over Twitter, others are diehard tweeters and others don’t really care.

Just quickly, to give you the basics on sharing and retweeting, they are very similar. Sharing is for Facebook and retweeting is for Twitter. On Facebook when you see a post you like you can choose to share it in quite a few ways: on your Timeline, on a friend’s Timeline, in a group, an event or on a Page you manage.

On Twitter there are also a few ways to officially ‘retweet’ and share someone else’s content on your timeline. You have the classic retweet, where you retweet a post straight onto your page.

And the quote retweet, where you can add a comment.

Sharing and retweeting is a good way to engage with others and show support by having their post feature on your timeline.

So what’s the fuss?

Even though sharing and retweeting are both ways to put someone else’s content on your timeline, because of the different characteristics of Facebook and Twitter sharing and retweeting is more acceptable (causes less annoyance) on one platform than the other.

As a business you do not want to annoy your followers. Twitter is more fast paced and punchy than Facebook and because of this many argue that retweeting is better than sharing as you can retweet more without being (too) annoying. But overly frequent sharing on Facebook is in danger of being annoying. 

Let us know your thoughts, what’s been your favourite share?

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