Twitter lists - why bother?

You may have noticed that you've been added to one or more Lists over on our #HertsHour Twitter account. We're in the process of adding everyone - it's a long job.

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Absenteeism or presenteeism?

Our 4th guest blog is from Wilder Coe Ltd and is food for thought for businesses with employees, as well as those that are employed. Wilder Coe Ltd is a 10 partner, multi-disciplinary accountancy firm...

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How community aware you?

Community is one of the most important elements people often cite for doing business in Hertfordshire.

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are you mental? 5 ways to check in with yourself

Our next guest blog focuses on our mental health and comes from Essential Life Skills founder, Katherine Clark. Katherine has worked in mental health for 17 years and set up her own business, Essentia...

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