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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

The phrase “one image is worth a thousand words" is very true when it comes to digital marketing. The best way to have your content noticed is by attaching the right image to your words and message.

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Top 5 Business Apps for 2021

A couple of years ago we wrote a post which talks about our top 5 business apps and boy have these changed! Google Plus is no more, and now everyone is promoting their business on TikTok? The digital ...

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Taking a moment to reply to a comment on one of your posts or an article or a blog post that someone else has written takes time, so why should you bother writing a response?

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#HertsHour is a useful tool to help develop your brand online and it's not hard. Most importantly, it's free and if you dedicate an hour a week to it, could be very valuable to help you build a networ...

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