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On a very rainy Friday, HertsHour decided to visit the quaint village of Baldock and say hi to some local businesses.

First stop, we went to a lovely Italian café called Delizia to have some tea and wait for the rain to die down. Delizia is a fantastic authentic café located on Whitehorse Street. They have a good range of food and desserts. We even treated ourselves to their orange and ginger cheesecake! Molto bene!

We then wondered further down the street and stopped off at Lees Barbers! A friendly local barbers that’s been in Baldock for 15 years! In fact, Lee the owner is born and bred in Baldock and imparted some knowledge about the history of the village to us. Did you know Baldock is famous for its brewery history? Both of Lee’s parents worked in the brewery and apparently brewery workers received 2 free pints at local pubs. Back then there was a pub on every corner!

We had a barrel of laughs with the boys at Lees barbers, so if you’re ever in Baldock and would like a haircut with some banter definitely pop in!

Baldock has a real tight-knit community feel to it, everyone seemed to know each other! We also got the impression that the people of Baldock are a very glamorous bunch, with a lot of hairdressers and barbers in the town’s small size.

If you need another reason to give Baldock a visit, why not check out their Farmer’s market, every second Saturday of the month?

Have a conversation with a few of the #HertsHour businesses in Baldock:

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