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What's your attitude to holiday? Do you take as little time off as possible and then, when you do leave your office behind, do you check emails every few hours?

I know some people are very good at booking their two (or three, or even four) weeks off in the summer, putting an Out of Office reply on their emails and just getting away from it all.

We all know plenty of others who may give in to pressure from family or friends and then spend every moment 'away' responding to emails and calls, just from a pool side rather than an office.

#HertsHour's own Dawn-Louise manages to spend some of her time away with family on twitter and emails, but balances it with days out and plenty of fun with the family.

There's been research to suggest that taking regular holidays makes you more productive when you return. Just as taking time out for lunch away from your desk gives the equivalent of a soft reset for your brain.

It doesn't have to be a 5* beach holiday, you can get as much rest and relaxation hiking in the hills. I, for one, acknowledge that I'm rubbish at letting go, but I will be definitely unavailable for one week at the start of September. Unless you're a Greek waiter with a pot of green tea in your hand next to my lounger on Crete.

So, are you reading this when you're technically on holiday? Does that matter? What's your holiday attitude?