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Work with or at SM2Communicate and you’ll soon see that everyone in our team is...


about delivering excellence


to make proactive decisions so we can deliver on clients’ objectives


with an optimistic vision and approach that drives our ideas and motivates us to exceed expectations.

With a firm identity and authentic leadership, we create shared value, invest in society and practice what we preach. Significant experience working globally across cultures means that we are highly sensitive and considerate to all stakeholders.

We also prioritise giving back to our community, so team members are often found volunteering, supporting local charities, and doing what they can to support positive social change.


Michael McGrath

The Muscle Help Foundation

“As well as being The Muscle Help Foundation’s (MHF) social media partner, SM2Communicate provides unique volunteering opportunities for staff so that they can make a real difference to children and young people with neuromuscular conditions.”


What is it like to work at SM2Communicate?



I was offered to work part time at SM2Communicate whilst I completed my final year of University after a successful 6 week internship. SM2Communicate couldn't have been more accommodating and flexible, allowing me to work when best suited me around my deadlines and ensured that was my priority.

As a digital marketing assistant I was able to take on a lot of responsibility as I was encouraged to come up with my own ideas and pitch them to our clients. I was encouraged to be creative and had the opportunity to develop my communication skills through multiple networking events and training courses.

Dawn-Louise has been a fantastic manager and has taught me everything I know about digital marketing, she has created a great working culture where you can be creative and collaborate with other members of the team. She is incredibly caring and hardworking which can be seen from the great pool of clients the company has.

Throughout the pandemic, working from home has been nothing but easy with all team members being only a call away and having a constant line of communication so you never feel like you're on your own if you need help or advice. Dawn-Louise takes time out of her busy schedule everyday to have team calls to make sure everyone is onboard with their tasks and gives them a chance to ask questions as well as socialise with other team members.”



I did a work placement at SM2Communicate for a couple of months and the whole team were so friendly and welcoming throughout the whole process. When I needed support they went above and beyond to not only help to answer my queries but also actively get involved with walking me through any processes and procedures I needed to know. I am very grateful to the team, especially Izzie Blane and Dawn-Louise Kerr as nothing was too much to ask and I really appreciate all of their help. SM2Communicate is a fantastic company to work with!