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Marketing Strategy
  • Would you like to make the most of your digital presence?
  • Do you struggle to find time to manage your marketing?
  • Do you want to reach new prospects who will add to your bottom line?

Your customers are online looking for you. Where are you?

We can create a digital marketing strategy which combines your vision, brand values and voice to target prospects who will buy your products and services. By finding out about your business and your business goals we can recommend the right digital channels for you; ensuing these are blended with the traditional marketing methods for maximum effect.

Stop guessing; stop stressing, it’s time to call us and turn followers into customers. Contact us now by saying hello@sm2communicate.co.uk and we can:

  • Work with you to build an aligned marketing strategy through our discovery workshops
  • Design, develop and deliver your digital marketing strategies
  • Set-up your digital marketing channels
  • Set up your inbound marketing and sales software, and whilst we are software agnostic we do love a good Hubspot solution for all your marketing data in one digital home.
Expert Marketing Support



  • Are you planning a digital campaign to sell a new product or service?
  • Would you like to save money and boost efficiency by outsourcing your digital marketing to a team of experts that deliver?
  • Do you want to make the most of your online channels?

You can make more money from marketing. Do you want to know how?

We can work with you to design and create a digital marketing campaign to get your new product or service flying off the shelves. With our extensive marketing skills and knowledge of the digital world you can quickly build recognition and credibility and make the most of what social media has to offer.

Let us manage your digital channels alongside the traditional marketing methods, find you valuable new contacts and have conversations with people who may use your services.

Contact us today via hello@sm2communicate.co.uk to find out more about our:

  • HubSpot: as solutions partners with HubSpot, we can help you and your team with our 12-week onboarding programme, or if you already have hubspot but are not sure how to maximise its usages we can bring you up to date with the latest enhancements
  • Vidyard: as solutions partner with Vidyard we can help you use video to your advantage and capture those hot leads, turning them into prospects
  • Marketing Consultants: working alone or within your team: our experienced professionals will revolutionise your marketing output
  • Virtual Marketing Team: the instant marketing experience, managing your social media channels, building your conversational digital processes, designing visually communicative templates, email marketing delivery, digital insights and analysis, with the flexibility and expertise you need to help you grow your business
  • Website Build or Refresh: we will manage your website refresh or new build, from planning, design, technical build to pre-live testing. E-commerce or a simple no frills website,  we ensure you have the correct SEO to help people find you with their search terms
  • Brand Reputation Services: we will manage your online reputation, helping with crisis communication and protecting your brand equity to boost your ROI

Natural storytellers, creator of marketing art if you will, our team of digital marketing experts will demonstrate insight into your organisation through the creation of visual imagery and compelling dialogue.

  • Are you keen to remain competitive in your market and industry?
  • Using HubSpot in your business but not sure how to use this to your competitive advantage?
  • Using Vidyard but not sure how to use this medium to your business growth benefit?

Bespoke coaching on growth marketing

If you have skills gaps in your team, our one-to-one coaching or group training sessions are friendly and relaxed and will leave you with a solid grasp of the basics across many digital applications used in growth marketing.

Whatever you do, we can help you with:

  • HubSpot Onboarding - we’ll guide you through setting up HubSpot so that you see value quickly and can start working toward your goals faster. 12-week programme
  • HubSpot Refresh Training - maybe your HubSpot expert has left your company and you need a refresh on what HubSpot can do for you
  • HubSpot Retainer - we build your workflows, sequences, landing pages for you, if it's in HubSpot we can do the work for you
  • Vidyard Onboarding - as an approved partner we can not only get you a great deal to help you track your video views we can can help your business grow with video
  • Bespoke Group Workshops – interactive and interesting, face-to-face or online
  • Retention Services - we are there to support your team as they build your digital campaigns, use new applications or create new landing pages for you; they have access to our knowledge to help with your digital growth.

For more information on how you can learn more about how HubSpot, Vidyard and digital marketing can help your business stand out from the crowd and grow, contact us at hello@sm2communicate.co.uk or give our friendly team a call today on +44 1462 811134.


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