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Happy Holidays: Social Media Out Of Office

With the festive season upon us, how many of you remember to put your "out of office" on across your various social media channels?

As you leave the office on your last day before your holiday, one of the things we automatically do is to put on our email "out of office" message for any correspondence we may receive whilst we are away. There is no doubt we all need a break away from work every now and then, to rest, relax and recharge our batteries.

Emails are generally still the main form of communications for many companies so its easier to remember to set this so people know not to expect a quick response from you. But what care to you pay to your digital channels and in particular your social media? How does your audience, that you talk to on social media on a regular basis know you will be offline for while?


Here are our top tips to help your audience know your business will be having a tech detoxing break over the holidays.

  1. Create a suitable holiday image that gives them a clear visual indication that you aren't going to be talking to them for a while on your social media channels
  2. Give them a date (and time if possible) on when you will return to the conversation
  3. Have fun with your message, it's the holidays!


Note from the Editor: Obviously if you are a 24-hour emergency operations business or you are in the hospitality business - then carry on of course!

We'll be back online on the first Tuesday in the New Year at 9am GMT.